(Warning: All Ayurvedic medicines should be taken under guidance from qualified practitioners)

Arishtas & Asavas

Powdered herbs mixed with pure honey, sugar and jaggery are added to cool boiled water and stored in special containers for fermentation. After one month or more the contents are filtered and are ready to be used. Arishtas and Asavas are an essential constituent of most Ayurvedic prescriptions, because they are easily assimilating, quick acting and stimulating tonics.

1. Abhayarishtam for Piles, Sprue, Anaemia, Skin Diseases, Ascites, Swelling, Fever, Splenomegaly, Emaciaytion, Heart Diseases, Vomiting and Worms.
2. Amrutharishtam for all types of fever, Influenza, Rheumatoid Artritis, Rheumatism etc
3. Ashokarishtam for Menorrhagia, Dysmenorrhoea, Fever, Piles, Swelling, Polyuria, Anorexia
4. Chandanasava for Seminal disorders, Polyuria, Heart diseases. Gives strength & increases digestive fire.
5. Dashmoolarishtam for Respiratory complaints, Asthma, Bronchitis. It is a useful tonic after delivery.
6. Dhanwanthararishtam for Hemiplagia, Facial Paralysis, Spasm, Hernia, Strained micturition etc
7. Kumaryasavam for Diabetes and Seminal disorders
8. Kutajarishtam for chronic Sprue, Dysentery and Fever
9. Punarnavasava for disorders of abdomen,liver & spleen; Acid Gastritis, Abdominal lumps
10. Saraswatharishtam for Nervous disorders and Memory. Strengthens the brain

Avaleha & Ghruta

Avaleha or Lehyam is prepared by adding sugar or sugar candy to medicinal decoctions and made into a thick liquid by boiling. Sometimes ghee or Sesame oil are added. After cooling, honey is also added.

1. Agastyaharitaki Rasayana for Respiratory problems, Cough, Viral infections and Weakness
2. Ashwagandhadi Lehyam is ant-ageing, aphrodisiac, revitalising
3. Amrutabhallatakavaleha for chronic skin problems, dry piles, hairfall
4. Brahmi Ghrita for insanity,Epilepsy, Memory, Speech, Skin diseases and Impotency
5. Chyavanparash for dyspnoea, voice constraint, Rheumatoid arthritis, Urinary& Semen disorders
6. Dadimadi Ghrita for Gas, Piles, Anaemia, spleen defects, Sterility,Bronchial & Digestive disorders
7. Guggultiktha Ghrita for Rheumatic ailments, Skin diseases,Leprosy, Tumors, Diabetic ulcers
8. Kushmanda Rasayana for cough, c hronic fever, dyspnoea, external bleeding, TB, Brain tonic
9. Panchgavya Ghrita for fever, insanity, Epilepsy, Fistula, Swelling, Piles, Jaundice, Anaemia
10. Phalaghrita for Infertility, Vaginal disorders, Miscarriages

These are dried and finely powdered herbs.

1. Ashvagandhadi for seminal disorders, weak digestion,general weakness,worms,heart-trouble
2. Avipathikar for liver troubles, jaundice, anaemia,urinary & skin diseases, digestive power
3. Dadimashtaka for controlling loose motions in diarrhoea
4. Haridra khanda for allergies, itchingand skin rashes
5. Hingvastaka for improving digestive fire and acidity
6. Sitopaladi for loss of taste,weak digestive fire, fever, burning sensation in palms & soles,gen weakness
7. Talisadya for Vomiting, Cough, Asthma, Anorexia, Chest pain and Spleen disorders
8. Trikatu for improving metabolic rate
9. Triphala for diseases of the eyes,skin & hair and for regulating bowel movement
10. Vaiswanara for abdominal lump, piles, constipation, bloating, indigestion, sprue

These are herbal decoctions prepared by boiling dried herbs in water

1. Amruthotaram for chronic fevers
2. Aragwadhadi for Vomiting, Poison, Phlegm
3. Ashtavargam for all Rheumatoid ailments
4. Chirubilvadi for Anal fistula, Piles, Abdominal lump, Constipation, Indigestion
5. Dasmoola for Cough and Asthma
6. Dhanwantaram for Paralytic and Rheumatic ailments, Trauma, Urinary Diseases, Hernia
7. Gugultiktakam for chronic Skin diseases, Leprosy, Fistula, Chronic Sinusitis, Tumours, Diabetes
8. Manjishtadi for Itches, Boils, Veneral diseases and Rheumatoid Arthritis
9. Rasnasaptak for pain in sides of ankles and pelvis and other rheumatic complaints
10. Varunadi for liver trouble, Internal Abcess, Abdominal lump, Adiposity, Rheumatoid Arthritis

Thailam or Oils
Oils have special actions according to the herbal ingredients in them. Generally the decoction or juice and paste of herbs is cooked in the base of Sesame oil. They are primarily for external use but some are also used internally.

1. Anutaila used as nasya or nasal drops for diseases of Nose, Ear & Mouth
2. Chandanadi for head and body and for nasya in burning sensation, Fainting,Menorrhagia, Mental disorders, Rheumatoid Arthritisand Internal haemorrhage
3. Dhanwantaram for general body massage. Relieves pain in joints and overcomes stress & strain
4. Dhurdhooradi for head especially in falling hair.
5. Eladi for head & body in skin diseases, itches, boils, eczema, leucoderma, poisonous bites etc
6. Jathyadi for healing wounds
7. Ksharataila for ear ailments, deafness, itching, discharge and inflammation
8. Ksheerbala for Facial paralysis, Hemiplagia, Nervous disorders,Gulma, Vaginal disorders
9. Prasarini (external and internal use) for pain , swelling, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sex stimulant
10. Maha Narayan for most Vataja problems like hemiplagia, lameness, stiff neck, frozen shoulder

These are pills prepared after grinding herbs into fine paste, rolling and drying in the sun-shade.

1. Amapachak Vati for getting rid of toxins in the body
2. Brahmi Vati for brain weakness, poor memory and insomnia
3. Chandraprabhavati for Diabetes, Dysuria, Anaemia, Hernia, stomach Distention
4. Dhanwantari Gulika for Asthma, Cough, Sinusitis & Respiratory problems
5. Hinguvachadi Gulika for Dyspesia, loss of appetite, Abdominal lump, Costipation, Anaemia
6. Gorochanadi Gulika for Pediatric diseases, gas, hiccups, cough, fever
7. Khadiradi Vati for Cough, Respiratory and Dental problems
8. Sarivadi Vati for ear problems, diabetes, infertility, old fever, piles, heart trouble,Epilepsy
9. Vayu Gulika for Hiccups, Chest pain ,Gas, Dyspnoea, Asthma, Cough, Muscular spasm
10. Vyoshadi Vati for Cough & Cold, Respiratory problems, Indigestion

Guggulu is aloe-gum resin obtained from a tree similar to Amelia Azadirachta. It is purified in Triphala decoction for internal use. There are more than 40 different preparations of guggul explained in different Classical Ayurvedic texts. It is anti-inflammatory, analgesic, nervine tonic & reduces fat.

1. Goksuradi Guugul is used in all urino-genital disorders
2. Kaishore Guggul is used in gout and in poor blood circulation
3. Kanchanara Guggul is used in Cervical lymphadenitis and other glandular disorders
4. Panchatiktaghruta Guggul is used in skin disorders, stubborn ulcers, tumours and fistula
5. Panchamruta Guggul is used mainly in brain disorders
6. Punarnavadi Guggul is used in Gout
7. Simhanada Guggul is indicated in Rheumatic Arthritis
8. Trayodashang Guggul is used in all types of Vata disorders
9. Triphala Guggul is used in all types of chronic inflammatory disorders
10.Yogaraj & Mahayogaraj Guggul are used in Rheumatic arthritris