Whatever the cause of lower back pain, part of its treatment is the correction of faulty posture. Good posture refers to correct use of the body at all times. In fact, for the body to function in the best of health, it must be so used as not to unduly strain any muscles, joints, bones and ligaments. To prevent lower back pain, avoiding strain must become a way of life, practiced while lying, sitting, standing , walking, working and exercising.

Some General Rules :      

1. While Working 

a) Change from one task to another before fatigue sets in.

b) Whenever possible, bend the knees and hips not the waist.

c) Hold heavy objects close to you.

d) Never bend over without bending the knees.

2. While Sitting

a) Whenever possible use a straight, hard chair, keeping neck and back in as straight a line as possible with the spine, always bending forward from the hips.

b) Relieve strain by sitting well forward, flatten back by tightening abdominal muscles:

c) Aim to have knees higher than hips

3. While Driving 

a) Sit close to the pedals; driver’s seat too far from the pedals emphasizes curve in lower back.

b) If possible use a hard back rest.